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Oulu, Finland

Proact Sync - The Power of data!

Proact Sync is an customer event tour in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

The Power of data
It’s a whole new world of data. Today, competitive advantage derives from sharing, processing and delivering real-time intelligence. This means data is at the heart of every business in the modern world.
The importance of data means we’re living in an era of exponential data growth. The foundation for your data needs to be a solid, scalable and agile infrastructure that can cope with demand. Many are looking towards hybrid cloud models to fulfil this criteria.

Going forward your data needs to be more than available – it has to add value by enabling innovation and new business models. The ability to store and analyse vast amounts of data, from a variety of data sources, will be a vital part of your organisation’s future success.

Technologies like data lakes, analytics tools, GPUs, IoT, AI/ML/DL, supported by the right hybrid cloud infrastructure, will enable you to grasp the opportunities in a world that’s fuelled by digital transformation.

Tour plan Proact Sync

Join us at this year’s Sync event to be inspired by the success stories of others and how they’re embracing our new digital world. Get a feel for the innovative technologies that are powering today’s organisations and chat to your peers about their goals, challenges and experiences.



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